Check And See What Upcoming Events Are Approaching Below


  • Cloverdale vs. CLoverdale Softball Game

    Join us on the field for an all ages softball game, Cloverdale vs. Cloverdale. Food will be provided: Hot dogs, individual bags of Chips, individual cups of Ice Cream. All you need to bring with you are chairs and drinks. Sunday, September 6, 6:00 PM. 

  • SABA Food Drive

    The month of September is when we have our SABA Food Drive. Our associational ministry center exists for the purpose of meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people in the wiregrass area that need benevolent assistance. And we support them in their purpose through donations of food and clothing. They have specific items they are lacking to carry out this mission. Each Sunday we’ll bring in our donation of those specific items. Once we’ve gathered all that has been given we’ll take it to the association. Hope you help us in this September project.