Our Mission

We Exist to be Hearers & Doers Advancing the Kingdom. (James 1:22; Matthew 28:18-20)

As Hearers, we desire to Think Rightly about God.

As Doers, we desire to Live Rightly before Him.

We also desire to see generation after generation raised to do ministry. 

Therefore, we commit to . . . 

  • Come to Worship
  • Grow in a Group
  • Serve in the Body
  • Go with the Gospel


We are a friendly church!

One visit to Cloverdale is all it takes to experience the unique love of our people. You will be encouraged by people making you feel right at home and part of the family. We focus ourselves on loving God and loving you.  


We are a multi-generational church.

Our church seeks to minister to everyone in the family, from birth to senior adults.

We are a growing church.

We are not a country club for the saints. We are a hospital for sinners. We believe in restoration, great comebacks, and the power of God to change anything in an instant, so we are a growing church. People come every week from all walks of life to experience the unique love of God and the encouragement of our people.